Dried Peach & Nectarin

Dried Peach & Nectarin

TIROOJ Dried Peaches are sweet fruit like you have never had! You will feel the melting of peach slices in your mouth. They are free of artificial colorants, additives and any nasty ingredients, not even sugar! Tirooj Dried Diced Peaches are great for cooking, toppings, or just snacking! 
Tirooj dried diced peaches are rich with fiber, vitamins, and are dried to the specified moisture level. Dried Peaches doesn't spoil as quickly and is an easy snack to pack and is especially designed for sport activities.  
Fresh fruit is probably higher in some vitamins, like vitamin C, but mineral and fiber content are retained during the drying process, so there's no need to avoid dried fruit. If you're watching your weight, you'll need to keep an eye on serving sizes and calorie counts. 


► Product Name: Dried Peach

► Product Code: DF.PH.C.AP250

► Grade: A

► Packaging: Aluminum Pouch

► Net Weight:250 gr

► Durability: 12 Months

► Compounds: Peach












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