Tirooj Walnut made from selected walnuts and high quality ingredients.Our walnuts are coming from our fully supervised farms.Tirooj conveniently and precisely canned package in 200 and 350 grams are assigned so that it assures long lasting freshness and taste.Tirooj walnuts is a perfect option for rolling or molding , baking bread , cake fondant, muffin and other types of food.


► Product Name: Walnut

► Grade: A

► Packaging: Esay-open can Box

► Net Weight: 200 or 350 gr

► Durability: 24 Months

► Compounds: Walnut












Product Code: NT.W.IR.C.CB200 (Net weight 200 g) &  NT.W.IR.C.CB350 (Net weight 350 g)

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