TIROOJ PISTACHIO: Iran has first rating of Pistachio producing around the world. Then our company has good potential to supplying the kinds of Pistachio from the best orchards in special producing region of country. Also, We have good facilities for packaging according to orders. In addition of Pistachio, many kinds of Nut and Dried Fruits are produced in Iran, and we are ready to supply and export all of them.


► Product Name: Pistachio

► Grade: A

► Packaging: Esay-open can Box

► Net Weight: 200 or 350 gr

► Durability: 24 Months

► Compounds: Pistachio











Our Pistachio Varirties: 

Akbari (Super Long)

Product Code: NT.P.AK.C.CB200 (Net weight 200 g) &  NT.P.AK.C.CB350 (Net weight 350g)


Ahmad Aghaei (long)

Product Code: NT.P.AH.C.CB200 (Net weight 200 g) &  NT.P.AH.C.CB350 (Net weight 350g)


Fandoghi (Round)

Product Code: NT.P.FA.C.CB200 (Net weight 200 g) &  NT.P.FA.C.CB350 (Net weight 350g)


Kalleh Ghoochi (Jumbo)

Product Code: NT.P.KG.C.CB200 (Net weight 200 g) &  NT.P.KG.C.CB350 (Net weight 350g)


Shelled Pistachio

Product Code: NT.P.SP.C.CB200 (Net weight 200 g)


Green Kernel

Product Code: NT.P.GK.C.CB200 (Net weight 200 g)

You may have this products in the following time table: